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I’m James Boardman, I’m an ex Royal Marine Commando Physical Trainer and Sniper. I’m now a expert in helping men unscramble the chaos of life to become the best version of themselves.

For a large majority of my life I lacked direction, vision and structure, which got me into an awful lot of trouble. I enrolled with the Royal Marines in 2003 and quickly established myself within the this new environment as a fast mover. With early successful roles as a sniper and tours to Afghanistan, my career turned to the Royal Marine Physical Branch where I was responsible for the development of 1000’s of Royal Marine recruits.

It’s this experience and knowledge which I have developed and adapted to getting the best out of individuals in fitness, motivation, lifestyle and business options.

My expertise are helping men find structure amongst the chaos of life, finding vision with their life and clarity with their goals. In order to be successful in the fitness part of your life, you need to develop your state of mind. That’s where I come in



6 week KICK START Fitness Plan

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Are you angry and frustrated that you have lost the joy in your life? Are you just not the best version of yourself?

Many men wake up one day and wonder how their life has turned into a disaster zone, full of responsibilities and obligations, and no time to truly have fun and be themselves.

How much longer are you going to keep waking up to “Groundhog Day”, keep telling yourself your do something about it Monday?

This book helps you see why your life has gone off the rails and how to reclaim a brighter future.

Discover how to:

  • audit your life
  • understand the cause of your unhappiness
  • prioritise and structure your day to day routine to improve your wellbeing
  • use regular small short-term goals to make big changes in your life

No matter how jaded and frustrated you feel, there is a way to lead a more fulfilling life.