Commit yourself for 28 days  & i'll give you the structure, coaching & training you'll need, to stop bS ing yourself, and level up your mindset & transform your life   

Starts Monday 20th January  

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Join Me james boardman Author Of "it's a state of mind"


International  coach For Men looking to rediscover their cutting edge 

Do You Need This?

This programme is specifically designed for men that are currently underperforming in life.

By the way that doesn't make you are a bad person! I say that because when I was in the gutter I used to think I was an awful person, a failure and it destroyed my confidence & self worth.

Most men that are under performing are just lost!

 When you are lost you become depressed and anxious about life, by overthinking everything, and as a result your 

physical,mental and emotional approach to life becomes non existent.     

The result of that is low confidence in body and mind. No self self care, & positive thoughts go out of the window.

You become stuck in this rut & just accepting this is it forever.

So if you recognise some of the above you are in the right place !

Who is the affecting?

So here's a question.

Who is this affecting in your life other than you?

 Your state of mind right now, the drinking, the snapping, the poor work life balance the constant procrastination and BS excuses.

 Are you being the best version of yourself, not just for you, but those closest to you?

 If the answer is no.

Then what are you going to do about it?

If you just drifting through life aimlessly, continuously slipping into bad habits not following good routines and have zero structure,

What are you going to do about it?

The 28 days is a kick start, It's the ladder out of the rut

My purpose for those coming onto this programme is for you to start prioritising yourself once again, to educate you about your self awareness, about your routines and planning, and how to stay on track

physically, mentally and emotionally


You'll do this by following a structure for 28 days.

This will open your eyes to a better way of living, and show you how 100's of my current clients are taking ownership of their future.

 There's a high level of accountability in which you'll need to meet me 1/2 way and prove to me and yourself that you can do this, and the you are not prepared to settle for just getting by anymore. 


* 4 LIVE Advanced coaching sessions on Mastering your life, using the experience I've built from working with 1000's of guys and overcoming my own dark chapter

* 12 module POWER TRAINING training to gradually improve your habits, routines and state mind. helping you establish more control of your mindset, emotions and actions

* A PROVEN successful structured accountability system, that you will be expected to follow. To cut the BS

& back yourself up with what you said you were going to do

 * A Private, VIP Members only support group where you'll have access to me and get mentoring, coaching and guidance throughout the program

* Support and guidance to build your nutritional habits, and calorie tracking from me and my team

* PROVEN structured workouts home and gym uploaded onto The Dad Coach APP for you to follow


If you book your early bird place you'll receive the bonuses valued at £619 

* BONUS - access to 100's of recipes (Value £99)

BONUS - 12 Week Fitness Programme (Value £149)

BONUS - 5 x Video series on mastering your personal management (Value £149)

BONUS - 25% Commitment  Offer (Value £53)

BONUS  - A lottery place to win a FREE month in the Mastermind (Value £169) 

Total BONUS Value - £619

Investment - £199

Early Bird  - £147 + Bonuses

Investment - £199

Early Bird  - £147 + Bonuses

Investment - £199

Early Bird  - £147 + Bonuses

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