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Learn to understand What The obstacles Are In Your way To Becoming Your best Version Of you.

Then learn to develop a state of mind that allows you to overcome them.

How long have you been dragging around the shackles, stuck in the trenches of the rat race and unable to break the rut? How much longer can you continue to ignore that you aren’t the  best version of yourself, by a long way and that things need to change?

How long has it been? How long since you woke up with purpose in your life, with the fire in the belly to achieve much more than what you are right now? You've been burying your head in the sand, ignoring all the signs that you are just getting by, too afraid to face the truth. You've fallen into the trap of just existing and making do with where you are. 

Who are you? How long has it been since you really knew who you are? What you stood for, what you are passionate about. Where's your drive & passion for life?  You have been so consumed with responsibility in life that your true identity has been drained from you. When you look in the mirror are you looking at the true version of yourself, are you looking at the best version of yourself?

You look at other dads and can't help but compare yourself to them.

 You compare yourself to others on social media, and judge your own existence on what they are achieving and they are looking like.  You probably think they all have their shit together, that they’ve figured it all out, which makes you feel even worse, because maybe you feel you haven’t got there yet and feel you should have it together.

Do you ever feel like a failure ? When you were a boy what did you dream you’d be? Maybe a pilot, maybe a footballer. As you’ve grown up what’s happened to those dreams? Growing up through the ranks of being a boy, to a lad, to becoming a man will have taken it's toll and your dreams and aspirations are now on hold as you support those around you. You support your family, work in a job that just takes and never seems to give anything back, as well as lacking fulfilment, you’re surrounded by negativity. You're frustrated because this wasn’t where you expected to be as a boy, and isn't where you expect to be as a man.

 A Programme With More Depth

The CHALLENGE is a hugely successful programme. It offers all of the tools required to be successful when it comes to your health and self development.  

It gives you tools to build your basic habits, patterns, & structure in to get the basics right to be successful in your life journey. 


 it's about taking that process to the next level and developing your fundamental skills to improve your STATE OF MIND to perform at a much higher level of living with more accountability and coaching along the way. 

A lot of the time the programme you partake in isn't the real problem to why you aren't where you want to be.

 It's not that the programme doesn't work. The problem is that you are constantly self sabotaging yourself. Not following through on the plan, not actioning your plan, not setting any clear cut goals, or being accountable to anyone, you're most likely just coasting through. 

At some point in your life you've got yourself into some really bad habits . You've lacked positive routines and lacked structure and it's really hard for you to know make the changes. When you need to make changes it then becomes very difficult to break those habits by yourself.

Problems you often face are;

  • You get distracted to easily by work commitments, or other stressful factors.  
  •  There's no discipline to say no in your life. 
  • You fall in and out of routine like a yo yo,  lacking sustainability in your routines. 
  • You get flustered and stressed easily which results in poor coping mechanisms and leads to emotional habits. 
  • You have no accountability, so it's easy to get away with doing nothing.    
  • You have no idea where to start, so keep putting it off over and over again.  

Imagine A Life Like This 

Imagine a world where you are in complete control of your state of mind. With that control, comes an opportunity to be able to live your life on your terms.

Imagine your mornings are dictated by habits, routines and structure. During this period of the day you are able to find time for some head space, mobility, workout, breakfast, review of your day. Imagine leaving the door in control. What difference would that make to you?

Imagine having a purpose in your life? Something you were passionate about, that gave you drive and direction. So much so, you became obsessed about your wellbeing, so that everything important to you benefitted from this new you,  the best version of you.

Imagine knowing who you are and what you stood for, what you were grateful for in life. You could have an appreciation for life again and it would put into perspective all of the problems that you think matter around you. By knowing yourself, you could eliminate self-doubt as others opinions would be irrelevant. You would feel more confident and reassured in your own skin and you wouldn’t need to compare yourself to anyone else.

Imagine if physical activity and wanting to eat well was part of your DNA. You put yourself at the top of your priority list, meaning that your health, and fitness levels were important. The difference is that you value yourself so much, procrastination is not an option.

What you are reading here isn’t a dream. It’s reality for a lot of the dads I’ve worked with.

I want to share with you how we are going to get your mind-set in the right place so that you can start re building the pillars to live a better life.

I Want To Show You What You Are Capable Of & Open Your Eyes To A More Purposeful, Fulfilling Life. 



A 6 Week Challenge

To Take You From 

A Rut To A Hero To Yourself & Family

I’m looking to work much closer with dads who need a more direct approach in getting out of their rut. 

Your stale routine has offered nothing but negative emotions that lead to negative actions.

An ideal candidate for this programme would be somebody that has little or no structure in life, in need of a fitness boost.

 Is constantly making excuses and putting off what needs to be done. Has little to no purpose and really needs help getting out of their rut. 

The ideal candidate will be looking to get out of the programme the following;

  • A higher level of coaching that will include constructive and forward thinking, implementation & accountability. 
  •  A better understanding of how best to utilise your time, to create balance in your life.
  • A want to improve habits, to introduce positive routines, which will lead to better structure  of your days and weeks.   
  •  Learning to set goals and make deadlines so that you have clear purpose of what you can achieve over the 12 weeks. 
  • Learn to avoid distractions to that stay on task  
  • Dramatically Improve overall fitness and nutrition.

A large amount of your success in life will come from how you conduct yourself in everyday life.

Making sure that you are in control of your actions, making sure you are planned and are working to a target, will allow you to be a much better version of yourself.

What Does The 6 Weeks Look Like ?

The Challenge is all about you and achieving what you want out of life. Over the 6 weeks I will take you through the fundamentals you will need to work on in order build the foundations for your success.

'WE will ESTABLISH The pillars on which we will re wire our minds and re build our bodies  

We'll be focusing our development on 6 modules. Ensuring that we work through one section per week. Each section we will get you to a basic understating on each, to develop your journey. Those 6 modules are ;  

  • Module 1- Looking at your Life Audit & finding our start point
  •  Module 2 - Making fitness and nutrition a way of life  
  • Module 3 - Developing your PODP (Purpose, Obsession, Drive, Passion) in life
  • Module 4 - Building a morning & evening routine
  • Module 5 - Learning to plan your weeks and days and improvement Time management
  • Module 6 - How do we hold ourselves accountable

As well as having full access to The Brotherhood, the workouts, group chat, community etc, We will be conducting a weekly group coaching session once a week. This will be done via a Zoom call.

  The benefits of having a group chat is that not only are you accountable to me on a more personal level, I get to go through each module and help you develop that phase, which will develop you 

Over the 6 weeks I'll be available for support and guidance through the working day, so you don't feel isolated or overwhelmed  

 This is where constant coaching and mentorship will come in to play. I can use my knowledge and experience to help you make changes that are needed, and give you the kick up the arse that is required when your mind is resisting. 

Let's Recap Exactly What You'll Be Getting Over The 6 Weeks

  • WORKOUTS - A choice of a 6 week gym or home fitness programme, accessed via our app 
  •  NUTRITION -Calorie targets and tracking, working on developing your nutritional habits, preparation times, focus on hydration    
  •      COACHING - Coaching to develop the 6 modules , implementing the strategies to reach the highest level
  • ACCOUNTABILITY - Monday - Friday I will be available for support and guidance. You will also follow a structured accountability system 3 x a week. 

Whats The Next Step ?

The programme is limited to just 40 people. 


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