it's a state of mind presents....

 remember the mission seminar 

Join me for a LIVE show with friends to discuss life, your mission, wellbeing, business, becoming an elite operator and have a lot of fun in the process.


Saturday 27th November  (COVID DEPENDANT)   

right now we are creating a priority list for those interested in coming along to the days events. This is open to men ONLY, sorry ladies . if you feel i can help you out then get your ass on the priority list.

I'm excited to see REAL FACES and deliver a day of high impactful training that will help all of you mentally, emotionally and physically.

When we know more about COVID and what we can do, i will keep you posted about tickets. 

they will be issued FIRST to those on out priority list.

I'll only be e mailing you regards to the seminar, you WON'T be on my daily e mail list !