5 Day Challenge: Helps Men Who Have Lost Their identity,

Rediscover Their Fire & Purpose in Life 

Registration Now Open:  5 Day Fire It Up Challenge Reveals How to Go From Physically, Mentally & emotionally Burnt Out to learning to be the priority again and Dominate All aspects of life

Join international author & ex Royal Marine Commando James Boardman for 5 days in his private coaching group and learn the strategies he's used to help hundreds of men across the world kick chaotic lifestyles into touch, to reach the best version of themselves in Health, Relationships, Personal Development & Careers  

this fREE Masterclass is Designed to help guys take back control of all aspects of their life, to be more consistent with their actions and gain clarity of their path again

The next Masterclass starts: Monday 31st May 2021 

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Here's What Just some of the guys who have been through the 5 days have said 

No Catches, No Hidden Costs - 

JUST Straight Coaching For 5 Days! Masterclass Starts On Monday 31st May

What We're Going To Develop over the 5 days

DAY 1 - Self Awareness 

Focus More On Where You Are Today. What Does Your Life Look Like Right Now? I'll Teach You A Great Strategy To Find That Out And Audit Yourself. Learn How To Leverage This Strategy To Push You In The Right Direction.

DAY 2 - Fitness Challenge 

Learn More About Basic Nutrition, And Learn To Get Active Again. I'll Talk About The Pressures And Barriers That Are Stopping You From Being Consistent And Help You Stop The Yo Yo Affect You Keep Fining Yourself In. I'll set you a fitness challenge again to start stretching your comfort zones

DAY 3 - Priorities & Purpose

I'll Teach You How To focus on what's most important in your life. This is the most powerful of the challenges, and opens many of the mens eyes as to where things have gone wrong and how to build from this point  

DAY 4 -Morning Routine

I'll Teach You How To Build Your Wins From The Minute You Open Your Eyes. How Winning From The Morning Onwards Is How To Gain Consistency, Control And Clarity In Your Life Again.

DAY 5 - Planning & Timetabling

Learn To Manage Your Time And Energy And Be More Productive. Most Men Have An Imbalance When It Comes To Life. Too Much Work, Not Enough You Time. I'll Teach You How To Balance And Manage This.

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Former Royal Marine | Author | Mentor To Guys Who Want To Lead

In Short, Who The Hell Am I 

I'm a former Royal Marine Physical Trainer. I left the military in 2011 and crashed and burned as I had no idea  who I was or what I wanted in life. The transition destroyed me  &  my marriage to the point I nearly decided to end it all.  My health, career, relationships were all in tatters.

I managed to find the will and purpose to live again and for the last 6 years have dedicated myself to improving my own lifestyle, my passion for fulfilment and happiness in my health, relationships, personal development and career.

Achievements to date are running two 100 x mile races, writing my book It's A State Of Mind  (Which what this FREE course is based on) Having three children, served my country in war, and helped over 10,000 men establish routine and structure in their life.

I realise you may be sceptical, BUT I can assure you this will help you, if you show up and meet me 1/2 way, this is the real deal !

The Masterclass is genuinely FREE, no hidden costs, no tricks, there's an opportunity to continue on with me if you want. But if not, you can take 5 days of high energy coaching with you into your journey.

See you in there  

JB x         

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