Discover The Program That Takes Committed dads To Next Level Physical And Mental Strength, Turning Them Into Unstoppable Powerhouses And Dominating All Aspects of their lives​​​​

Let Me show the exact, easy to follow system you can follow today that shreds fat, builds lean muscle and creates a Unbreakable mindset like these dads did:

Ok, So You Let Yourself Down And Those Closest To You... But Now You're Fighting Back

  • So you’ve let your health ‘slip’ over the past few years despite seeing (and feeling) the warning signs. Nor have you kept the promise you made yourself to never become that’ fat dad’ whose has to make excuses to their kids because their to unfit to play with them, but after joining the challenge you've started the process of putting things right/
  • You've been burying your head in the sand, beating yourself up everyday for years because all you really wanted to do is be the BEST role model to your kids but now you've faced up to realty you can be proud you took the first step.
  • You didn't recognise the guy looking back in the mirror each day, just seeing a shadow of the guy you always wanted to become but now you you can see the potential to unlock the unstoppable dad hiding underneath.
  • You always put off dealing with it which got you no where, hoping it will just right itself one day. You noticed the impacts it had being felt across all aspects of your life. Your work clothes got tighter each week while your confidence and energy levels fell off a cliff and your relationships suffering. But that never has to happen again.

It's To Easy To Fall Back Into Old Habits

You taken the first step to become the fit, strong dad whose kids want to be as strong, confident and respected as him. Who can seemingly take on anything life throws as him with ease instead of struggling to even to do a bit of exercise.

But everything you've achieved in the challenge will be lost unless you make this a permanent change and act for the long term instead of spending the next few years fighting against:

  • Chronic health problems like diabetes, heart attacks and high blood pressure 
  • Feelings of depression, anxiety and high stress levels
  • Constant fatigue, low energy levels and no stamina
  • Lack of quality sleep that drains you even more
  • More and more unsightly and embarrassing fat thats you can hide without baggy clothes
  • Falling testosterone levels that are adding to your low sex drive and anxiety about being intimate
  • Failing strength that makes its hard to do the jobs your used to do without breaking a sweat
  • This is all just around the corner. Looming everyday waiting for you to slip up and fall back into bad habits or until YOU step up and say enough is enough! It’s been going on long enough and commit to making the changes you've mad and felt in the challenge permanent!

I Know What You Really Want

  • To have a kick around in the park with your kids and be their superstar role model. Who walks the walk and leads by example they can be as fit, strong and healthy as their Dad?
  • Or maybe you just want your partner to lust after you like she used to. Before you let yourself go. You know how hard she works to provide for you and your family and you know she deserves the best and you want to give it to her right?
  • You want to know everything you’re doing is moving you in the direction of achieving your body and health goals. There’s nothing worse than doing ‘stuff’, having the soul-destroying self-doubt loom over you, wondering if it’s the right thing to do or not. and having no one to turn to if you're struggling. That’s definitely not the way I want to live, and I’m sure you’re the same!
  • You want to FEEL like you’ve got an unlimited supply of energy all day long. Like you’re a ‘fatigue-fighting’ machine who can eradicate sluggish mid-afternoon slumps of exhaustion and put a spring back in your relationships, work and daily life.

Let Me Show You The Exact Step By Step Blueprint Dads All Over The World Are Using To Develop Truly Unstoppable Bodies And Mindset RIGHT NOW

The same blueprint that's specifically designed to burn stubborn fat from male problem areas, build powerful muscle and restore energy in just weeks following a tried and tested system and program like these guys.

Introducing The:

It's A State Of Mind Academy

A brand new online program TAILORED specifically for Busy Dads Who Need The tools To Get In the best Physical And Mental Condition For Life

  • Imagine Transforming your body And mindset to become unstoppable For Life in fitness, family and work so you release your full potential.
  • check-circle
    Finally having complete control over Your Food, Exercise AND how your body looks and feels.
  • Waking every morning and sleeping every night free from stress and Anxiety. 
  • Never again being left confused, conflicted or worried about where to turn when things get tough and you need help getting back on track physically or mentally.

This Isn't Like "Traditional" Online Transformation Programmes

Now, I’m sure you’re sat there thinking that you’ve heard it all before and you’re wondering how can this program possibly be any different than everything else out there.

Well let me tell you something…

The Academy is like no other program you’ve seen before. Not only have I designed this program specifically for dads and based it on years of experience as a marine, businessman, father and fitness coach, if you look at most other programs out there they only focus of diets and exercise. But in the academy we focus on MINDSET which is the key to lifelong physical results and gives you the chance to achieve more than just the average guy.

The Academy Is about empowering You Both Physically & Mentally with ALL the tools you’ll ever need to Reach Your Full Potential

  • Easy to Follow, Home Training Program. A simple, down to earth approach to getting in shape. The training program you’ll get is clear and easy to follow so you’ll never find yourself stuck. Set out to fit around your busy life you can be sure to stay consistent and committed to guarantee amazing results in the shortest time possible.​​​​
  • A Nutrition Blueprint For Life. You’re going to see phenomenal changes over the course of the program - there’s no doubt about that. But where this program is different than most others available today, you’re going to get a nutritional system to keep your results for the rest of your life. It’s the answer to long lasting, sustainable change to a healthy lifestyle. No longer will nutrition feel like a ‘chore’ - it simply becomes part of your life and what you do. It doesn’t leave you eating chicken and broccoli 7 days a week, giving up the foods you love or your valuable time off with endless hours of food prep.​​​​
  • Access to Our Support Community Group. Sure you could try and do this all on your own, but what if you have a day where you simply don’t feel motivated or inspired? And that’s exactly why I created the community group. It’s a place where Dads can provide support and insights along your journey. These are people who’ve been through - and are on the same journey as you are. A private and closed group where you can talk openly about the things holding you back. Share your wins and stay motivated.
  • The Tools to Succeed. I’ve made sure that you’ve got everything you need to succeed. This program will give you complete flexibility to exercise wherever and whenever you need. You’ll have complete flexibility to exercise around your busy life and be in total control of your body and results. I’ll give you all the tools you need so you can start living life the way YOU want. A life with increased energy all day every day, where you can feel better about yourself because you’re confidence has skyrocketed through the roof and be the role model you’ve always wanted to be for your kids.
  • An Opportunity to Challenge Yourself. Overcoming adversity and achieving your goals is such a great feeling! With the support you’ll get once you join the program, you’ll have a safety net underneath you so you can finally commit 100% to something without the fear of failure or looking stupid because it didn't work out.

Academy Membership

Here Is Exactly What You'll Get In The Academy

  • 4 Week Structured Fitness Programme Every Month. Every month you will receive a brand new workout. The workouts will vary each time with functional high intense workouts. The workouts will consist of a coaching video with timings of how long to workout, rest and how many sets. They are also varied from own body weight HIIT routines, core routines, slam ball work outs, kettlebell workouts, dumbbell workouts, powerbag workouts. The workouts are varied and structured, we structure workouts to run on Monday, Tuesday, Thursday & Friday. This process gives you structure, giving you specific days to train on.
  • Continual Nutritional Recipes. On entry to the academy you will receive a 28 day food plan with shopping list. Every month you will receive an additional 19 recipes that will put into the nutritional Vault. Each recipe includes ingredients and instructions to follow to create the dishes. I’ve also added calories per dish, protein, carb and fat content for each meal.
  • Coaching. We have a set structure within the private forum. This structure allows you to communicate to the community and hold yourself accountable. It also allows me and my coaches to help with areas that you are struggling in. Coaching will be given on daily basis Monday – Friday. Coaching includes fitness, nutritional and mind set tips to get the most out of your life.It’s well and good wanting to make changes, but realistically without the motivation, guidance, support and accountability of a professional along the way it’s way to easy to lose track in your journey.We have specific periods in the month where we will offer a 10 minute focus call should you need it, this will be made clear in the private forum.

Here Is What Recent Clients Had To Say After Following The Academy Programs

And Because I’m So Confident This Program Will Transform Your Life, I Am Going To Guarantee Your Success, OR Your Money Back...

Jame Boardman

Put simply - I’m not going to let you fail!

After 28 days with me, you must without a doubt, be supremely confident in your ability to not only lose the stubborn fat you've had for years for but to also wake up every morning feeling super confident your body will look as incredible as you want, while consistently feeling more energised, just like the hundreds of dads I've helped. And if for any reason you don’t, just get in touch within the 28 days and tell me you'd like a refund and I'll give you every penny of your money back . . . no questions asked.

I’ll be with you every step of your journey to keep you accountable, make sure you achieve your goals and get into the best shape of your life.

Together, we’ll make sure you’re always moving one step closer to your goals. Together, we’ll smash straight through any challenges and thoughts that may be holding you back and make sure you achieve your ultimate potential.

But if you do ever feel like you’ve lost touch, or don’t feel like your nutrition, training or mindset is where you think it should be - trust me it happens to the best of us - or you aren’t motivated, I’ll be there to figure out an answer why and get you back on track.

As well as you having me by your side every step of the way, you’re going to get access to our support community group on Facebook. It’s a private place where like minded dads just like you can share their progress and provide motivation and inspiration.

From my many years in the Marines, studying fitness and mindset and being a dad myself, nothing compares to what I have on offer here for you.

The Academy was created from my own life changing transformation and I know with 100% confidence that there are thousands of dads still out there who are crying out be where I am now and you can be if you build on what we've started in this challenge.

This is all my knowledge and expertise rolled up into one little manageable, but life changing package. Seriously, this will be the last diet or exercise program you'll EVER need to finally become the ultimate dad.

Academy Membership